The AspectFT Control Engine provides the users with data produced Maverick devices in a centralized location by utilizing Maverick local hardware and Aspect Facilitating Technology (AspectFT) in a location of the customer’s choice. The customers can then use any standard web browser to view and manipulate their data to facilitate reduced energy consumption.

Through the use of AspectFT, a single set-point change can be sent to any number of Maverick devices with the click of a button; custom graphics, trend logs, and applications can be created and served to give views of data in an almost infinite number of combinations.

The data received from all of the devices is stored in MySQL tables and thereby accessible to programs designed for data mining applications (programs like Microsoft Excel and Crystal Reports).

The users can receive RSS feeds from AspectFT with building data directly through email or a smart device like a phone or PDA; building data can also be viewed directly from a smart device via the onboard web browser with mobile web access.

Rocco Randazzo, CEO and founder of IP Controls Center, said: “It is the intention of our companies to bring a solution to the industry that not only controls effectively, thereby reducing energy consumption and cost, but is also as convenient and easy to use as it is cost effective to install.”