In addition to providing the specialist jack-up barge and its crew, A2SEA said that it will also take care of all the logistics and planning involved in transporting 30 5MW turbines and lifting the components into place ready for in situ assembly by an external crew. Sea Jack is expected to be on site from March 2011.

David Hodkinson, director of head of development at Vattenfall Wind Power in the UK, said: “Vattenfall is making solid progress with the construction of the 150MW Ormonde Offshore

Wind Farm, with offshore works starting at the beginning of May this year.

“The contract with A2SEA for the use of Sea Jack will allow us to deploy Ormonde’s 30 wind turbines in 2011 and is therefore an important part of the project’s supply chain jigsaw.”

Already under construction both on and offshore, the Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm will cover a total area of 8.7sqkm, and Vattenfall expects to be producing power by late 2011.