3M Company (3M) said that its Electronic Solutions Division has introduced shielded controlled impedance (SCI) cable assembly development kit using 2 mm shielded controlled impedance cable assemblies. The new development kit enables to achieve multi-gigahertz performance. The new kit is developed to help engineers assess, test and design the appropriate high performance 2 mm SCI cable-to-board solution for their application.

Using 2 mm latch/eject headers for multi-gigahertz cable-to-board applications, the SCI connectors save board real estate without sacrificing performance compared to the BNC or SMA connectors frequently used with coaxial, and the specialized twinaxial connectors used with twinaxial cable. This is true for applications where multiple high-speed coaxial or twinaxial cable-to-board connectors need to be bundled together.

The new kit is suitable for a variety of high-performance or high-signal integrity cable-to-board applications in the industrial control/factory automation, medical, test and instrumentation, video post production equipment and military electronics industries.

The design engineers can use this new development kit to verify signal integrity, impedance matching and crosstalk performance for designs that require up to 1 Gbps single-ended performance per signal line or 5 Gbps differential performance per signal pair, bundled multi-line cable-to-board solution requiring mechanical reliability such as that offered by a latch/eject connector.

The development kit contains everything required to assess, test and design a high performance 2 mm cable-to-board solution, including:

CD-ROM containing application note, test instruction sheet, technical sheets. The application note is illustrated with graphical data from actual lab tests under different test conditions.

Postage-paid reply card to request product updates and register the kit.

2 mm SCI differential and single-ended cable assemblies (twinaxial and coaxial), 24” length.

2×25 surface mount or through-hole 2 mm latch/eject headers.

2×25 carrier used for bundling together the SCI cable mount connectors.

Optional specialized printed circuit board for testing.

SMA connectors for testing, mounted on the PCB for development kits that include a printed circuit board.

SMA connectors specified for development kits that do not include a printed circuit board.

Test procedures document.

Application note describing how the SCI Assembly can be used.

The note is illustrated with graphical data from actual lab tests under different test conditions.