At Newcrest, we are committed to being leaders in technology and innovation. We are always seeking out new ways to improve our operations,” said Sandeep Biswas, Newcrest Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. The IDOC will extensively leverage TCS’s global research and innovation networks to explore opportunities to improve activities across our business including ore processing, techniques for predictive targeting, and leveraging learning from other industries.

“We want to enhance and accelerate the way we use automation and artificial intelligence across our business to improve our returns to shareholders. I welcome our new partnership with TCS. It presents an exciting opportunity to leverage TCS’s and Newcrest’s strong track record of innovation.”

Newcrest will work with TCS experts in engineering, research and development, data analytics and IoT, and process control. Our collaboration with TCS will build on Newcrest’s existing digital platforms.

“TCS will help us to fast track our transformation towards our 2020 aspirations,” said Sandeep Biswas.

“We are excited to embark upon this innovation and transformation journey with Newcrest, strongly backed by our Business 4.0 framework,” said Debashis Ghosh, President – Energy & Resources at TCS. “Our independent agile method provides the foundation for the strategic collaboration with Newcrest, for the design and adoption of innovative digital mining solutions to enable Newcrest’s aspirations.”

Source: Company Press Release