Neste has launched its MY Renewable Diesel for the Latvian transport market.


Image: Neste launches renewable diesel in Latvia. Photo: Courtesy of Neste.

It is produced from 100% renewable raw materials and enables up to 90% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fossil diesel. The product is available at the Neste filling station at 84 Ulmaņa gatves Street in Riga.

Neste Latvija director general Arttu Airiainen said: “Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Neste MY Renewable Diesel gives our climate-conscious customers a sustainable alternative without having to make any changes to existing engines or vehicles. It is an easy way to cut your climate emissions here and now.

“Neste MY also outperforms conventional fossil diesel in terms of engine performance and environmental impact.”

Airiainen continued saying: “In 2017, Neste MY Renewable Diesel reduced global climate emissions by 8.3 million tonnes. This is equivalent to taking more than 3 million fossil-fuel cars off the roads or making Latvia car-free for over three years. We are very happy to be able to offer this high-quality product also in Riga, first as a pilot to see how well it will be received among Latvian motorists.”

Latvian motorists are environment-conscious

A Neste survey of over 700 respondents across Latvia found that 65% of motorists have heard about renewable diesel and its qualities. The majority of respondents, 78%, said that the contribution to cleaner air and healthier environment were important considerations when buying fuel.

Airiainen said: “By launching this high-quality product to the Latvian market, we are also celebrating Latvia’s centenary by giving our customers a 100% renewable alternative. Consumers as well as our B2B customers can start using this high-quality product immediately as it is suitable for all diesel engines. The product is also an ideal choice for winter, since it can withstand temperatures as low as -34 °C.”

Source: Company Press Release