UK’s National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) and SSEN Transmission have signed a joint venture (JV) agreement to develop the 2GW Eastern Green Link 2 subsea electricity superhighway project along the east coast of Scotland.

The electricity transmission project will involve the installation of a 525kW high voltage direct current (HVDC) underwater transmission cable from Peterhead in Scotland to Drax in England.

According to the companies, the nearly 436km long subsea HVDC cable system is the UK’s single largest electricity transmission project to date.

The Eastern Green Link 2 project will feature new converter stations at both its ends to link it into the existing transmission network infrastructure.

National Grid and SSEN Transmission aim to begin work in 2024, following final approval from Ofgem.

Operations at the Eastern Green Link 2 project are scheduled to begin in 2029.

National Grid UK strategic infrastructure president Carl Trowell said: “Eastern Green Link 2 is part of our Great Grid Upgrade, the largest overhaul of the grid in generations.

“This new infrastructure will connect more clean, renewable energy from where it’s generated to where it’s needed, helping contribute to lower energy bills over the long-term and make the UK’s energy more self-sufficient.”

The subsea electricity transmission project will underpin the growth of new renewable electricity generation and creation of jobs, said the companies.

Besides, the Eastern Green Link 2 project is expected to provide a pathway to net zero emissions targets and support to overcome existing constraints on the electricity network.

As part of its Pathway to 2030 programme, SSEN Transmission plans to invest more than £10bn to upgrade the network around the main regions to connect new onshore and offshore renewables generation in the north of Scotland.

SSEN Transmission finance director Maz Alkirwi said: “Connecting the North of Scotland down to Northern England and transporting renewable power to communities across the country is crucial in delivering government targets for tackling climate change.

“It’s a massive credit to the teams at SSEN Transmission and NGET for getting us to this big milestone. It’s an important moment in a major investment in critical national infrastructure and we’re looking forward to working with National Grid on its delivery.”