National Grid Renewables has initiated the construction phase of the Unbridled Solar project (Unbridled) situated in Henderson and Webster Counties, Kentucky, US.

Boasting a capacity of 160MW, Unbridled is poised to become the leading provider of environmentally friendly solar energy in the state upon commencement of operations in 2024.

National Grid Renewables president Blake Nixon said: “We’re both proud and excited to be constructing the largest solar renewable energy project in the state of Kentucky.

“Unbridled is our first project within the state and exemplifies our commitment to the clean energy transition and the benefits it provides to rural economies in the form of new tax revenue and jobs throughout America.”

In total, the project is projected to generate a substantial direct economic impact of nearly $42m during the initial 20 years of its operational lifespan.

This encompasses the establishment of a minimum of 200 jobs, the generation of over $11m in fresh tax revenue, and the provision of more than $24m to local farmers and landowners.

The solar project has already secured a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Big Rivers Electric Corporation and has teamed up with Wanzek Construction to carry out the construction process.

Big Rivers Electric Corporation president and CEO Bob Berry said: “The Unbridled Solar Project will be a new and valuable addition to the diverse power portfolio needed to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable energy to our Member-Owners.

“This large-scale project also prioritises our region with solar development that directly benefits the local economy and generates power for the people we serve.”

In addition to its myriad economic advantages, Unbridled Solar will further make a positive impact by channelling $800,000 through a specialised project charitable fund throughout the initial 20 years of its operational phase.

This distinctive approach to charitable contributions underscores National Grid Renewables’ dedication to being exemplary neighbours, demonstrating their commitment to the well-being of the communities where their projects are situated.