The digital platform– Refined Knowledge powered by ECOLAB3D – to provide downstream refinery and petrochemical customers with insights from their operations to help predict and solve challenges across the assets in their organizations.


ECOLAB3D is the digital engine that translates data into actionable insights, enabling the company to drive greater value for its customers. Through its algorithms, analytics and expertise, ECOLAB3D gives customers the power to take their performance and operations to the next level.

Refined Knowledge collects data from remote sensors, automation tools and other systems by leveraging Microsoft’s secure Azure cloud platform. Refined Knowledge synthesizes that data and provides performance dashboards, reports, benchmarking capabilities and an eROI™ calculator to help customers optimize how assets are used and reduce their total costs of opera

Refined Knowledge also delivers 3D CRUDEFLEX, a series of proprietary automations and sensor applications for crude distillation units. Customers can use these actionable insights to provide feedstock flexibility, optimize production, mitigate risks and deliver increased sustainability and profitability potential through water and energy cost savings across their organizations.


“The Refined Knowledge platform unleashes the power of data, leveraging our digital capabilities to deliver superior value beyond products and services,” said Danny Rey, Nalco Champion senior vice president of Global Downstream. “We are able to use this platform to deliver cost reductions of about 10 percent for many customers, which can mean $10 million in increased profitability or $3 million in documented savings for a single site or installation. I am excited about what’s possible for our customers through this enhanced offering.”

Accenture, in collaboration with Nalco Champion, built a modern analytics application for the platform that leverages a user-first and cloud-first approach. The two companies also collaborated on the end-to-end solution, bringing data into the platform so users can visualize business insights and run advanced analytics in an agile way.

Manish Panjwani, a managing director and technology consulting lead for Accenture’s North America resources businesses, added: “This project solidifies Nalco Champion’s position as a leading innovator to drive better performance for its customers by leveraging intelligent analytics. Nalco Champion can better predict upcoming plant outages by monitoring their customers’ assets in close to real time, moving towards predictive rather than reactive maintenance.”

“Nalco Champion continues to be at the forefront of providing the refining and petrochemical sector with digital innovations that utilize the security and global scale of Microsoft’s Azure cloud,” said Çağlayan Arkan, general manager, Manufacturing & Resources, Microsoft. “Monitoring process and water technology applications in real time can make the difference between a plant that runs with no downtime and a plant with a corrosion-related shutdown that leads to lost productivity and additional costs.”

Refined Knowledge powered by ECOLAB3D is built upon Nalco Champion’s prior generation Refined Knowledge digital offering that has been successfully deployed in more than 1,000 customer locations and to date, has collected more than 20 billion data points to generate customer insights.

Source: Company Press Release