Nabrawind has closed an order for the supply of four towers in a wind farm located in Namibia and developed by the renewables Franco/Namibian company InnoSun Energy. The beginning of the works will be undertaken during the second half of the present year. In the Namibian wind farm, Nabrawind will implement an innovative tower with the Nabralift transition piece as the foundation. The transition piece distributes the load through three points directly anchored to the rock subsoil. Thanks to this design, the concrete requirements are reduced by 95%, which saves approximately 1.000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Consequently, this new tower design is a very cost-competitive alternative in wind farms where the concrete supply may represent a challenge. Nabrawind involvement in this Namibian project includes the design and supply of the tower and the foundation, as well as the logistics to the Namibian coast.

This wind farm, located in the south-west of Namibia, asserts Nabrawind’s growth strategy by gaining access to the medium-height tower market segment. Nabrawinds’ catalogue includes the Nabralift self-erecting tower, which targets the XXL towers segment. This is the second project where Innovent and Nabrawind work together. The scope of the first one encompasses the installation of the highest wind turbine in Africa, to be installed in Morocco with a 144 meters hub height Nabralift tower.