SA Water has announced that an upgrade to Murray Bridge’s wastewater network, including the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in nearing completion.

Construction of the new wastewater treatment facility is part of the $52m project which commenced in October 2018.

The final stages that include process testing and installation of solar panels at the treatment plant site are now underway.

The new facility and all associated infrastructure are estimated to commence operations as part of the wider local sewer system within the next two months.

The firm has installed around 420 ground-mounted solar panels

SA Water Asset, Operations and Delivery general manager Mark Gobbie said: “following the recent completion of mechanical and electrical testing, all elements of the new system are being tested, to ensure a quality end product.

“We are pumping sewage from the existing treatment plant, all the way through the network, including a newly-laid eight kilometres of underground sewer main and three new pump stations, to the new treatment plant in Brinkley, located just outside the Murray Bridge township.

“Testing this whole process before taking the existing plant offline enables us to refine the treatment process at the new plant.

“We will keep doing this until everything is running as it should be, after which the new plant will solely start receiving sewage from the properties of local residents and businesses, for treatment and reuse.”

The firm has installed approximately 420 ground-mounted solar panels which generate 150KW hours of power per day to power the wastewater treatment facility.

SA Water said that the work on an art installation which is integrated into the design of one of the new pump stations is also underway.

The installation is expected to be complete in mid-2020.

In April last year, SA Water has completed the upgrades to the main pipe providing drinking water to Murray Bridge.