Mosaic Minerals Corporation (CSE: MOC) (“Mosaic” or “The Company” is pleased to announce the addition of 290 claims covering 15,370 hectares forming the Mirabelli SM project to its portfolio of lithium-based mining projects in the James Bay region.

Located about 15 km south of the municipality of Eastmain, Mirabelli SM is accessible by the main road crossing the northeast part of the property and is located west of the James Bay Lithium project of Allkem (Galaxy Lithium Canada).

“With Pluton SM and Lithium SM, the Mirabelli SM project, by its potential and its location, will be part of our targeted projects for exploration work in 2023. We are confident to find new indications as to the presence of lithium in this sector of the James Bay. Mirabelli SM is located in a favorable environment that already contains interesting indicators for the presence of lithium in the numerous pegmatites already listed by the MERN,” mentioned Jonathan Hamel, President and CEO of Mosaic.

This property was acquired by staking for its lithium potential. Nothing indicates for the moment the presence of spodumene on these claims but different geological formations including several strips of green rocks, vast granites, granodiorites and garnet paragneisses cut by several pink or white pegmatites often containing biotite and muscovite, may indicate the presence of this mineral. The presence of sillimanite, beryl, garnet, and tourmaline also reinforces this possibility.

The James Bay Lithium deposit held by Allkem is located further east at the contact of garnet paragneiss with amphibolitized basalts in what is called the Jolicoeur Complex. Mirabelli SM is also found in the Jolicoeur Complex with garnet-sillimanite paragneiss in contact with amphibolitized basalt.

According to the MERN, it is also mentioned that injections in the form of dykes or intrusive masses cut through these garnet and sillimanite paragneiss and that certain white pegmatites injected into the sedimentary sequence of the Jolicoeur Complex are associated with the appearance of sillimanite, as is the case for the Causabiscau Suite, in which there are several spodumene pegmatites.

This project is part of the Company’s strategy to acquire many mining properties with favorable geological potential for the presence of spodumene pegmatites and other strategic minerals. With this new acquisition, the company now holds 1,074 mining claims with a total area of approximately 57,500 hectares, most of which are located in the James Bay area (Jamesie).