Buying clean electricity from the wind farm can help in achieving the University’s target of Net Zero Emissions by 2030.

As per the agreement, the University will buy the rights to both electricity and large-scale renewable energy certificates (REC’s) generated by the wind farm.

This long term power purchase agreement is part of the first stage of the Murra Warra wind farm, which is still under construction and is expected to begin energy generation next year.

The agreement has been signed by Monash University and Telstra Energy led consortium of electricity buyers established last year.

Telstra Energy head James Gerraty said: “Adding Monash to the consortium further strengthens the buying group for the Murra Warra Wind Farm and we welcome them to the project. We’ll continue to look for ways to use our expertise in this area to help more of Australia’s businesses and organisations meet their energy challenges.”

Monash University’s Net Zero transformation is claimed to be well underway and as part of it more than 4,000 solar PV panels have been installed across the campus generating enough electricity to power 250 average Australian households.

It is also claimed that last year about 6,000 light fittings were upgraded to super-efficient LEDs and all new buildings are eliminating natural gas.

An on-site microgrid is also being built at the Clayton campus to help the University control when and how the energy is used and it also support national electricity grid, during peak times.

Monash University building and property division sustainable development planner Kendra Wasiluk stated that the University is committed to facilitating future based on renewable energy.

She said: “This procurement of off-site renewable energy marks an important step towards our goal of being powered by 100% renewable energy. It will reduce our carbon footprint and allow the University to manage its exposure to volatile energy prices.”

Last year, the consortium members including ANZ, Coca-Cola Amatil, Telstra and the University of Melbourne have signed long-term supply agreements to obtain electricity from the wind farm.