The electromagnetic energy at the frequencies carrying the cellphone’s signal can be conveniently harvested


Mica Energies secures $39m in Seed Round of funding. (Credit: David Reed from Pixabay.)

Mica Energies Corporation has secured the first investments in its Seed Round Financing, posting a $39M valuation and a Summer 2020 Proof of Concept release date. Founded in 2018, Mica has focused on harvesting ambient Radio Frequencies from the environment, and allowing for the true ‘recycling’ of energy. In 2019, the Company selected the Telecommunications sector as the target for the 2020 launch of its proprietary ‘Passive Ambient Charging’ (PAC) device.

“Telecom & Wireless made the most sense, because it reduced the total number of variables between Mica and the ‘finish line,’” Eric Thompson, CEO of Mica Energies, offered. “Proving what we know in this environment opens the doors for the other Sectors we’re targeting for Phase 2 of the project.”

“Corporations are very interested in Green or Clean Technology, because everyone wants to do what’s best for the planet and future generations, but the pain point has always been making Green profitable for the Organizations deploying the technology. We’ve figured out a way to make that happen.” Thompson points to the issues with power grid failures in California, the need for stable renewable energy for emerging industries, and the ongoing climate crisis as driving factors in the development of the PAC device.

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Roman Ostroumov provided insight into the Science behind the theory.

“Imagine a smartphone that can charge its battery while in the pocket or inside a building. Mica’s new technology does exactly that – it works like a solar cell, however at lower frequencies.”

The electromagnetic energy at the frequencies carrying the cellphone’s signal can be conveniently harvested. Mica’s scientific know-how is based on the proprietary Passive Ambient Charger (PAC) technology. It is a revolutionary approach to the far-field charging solutions. Commercialization of the PAC technology opens new paradigms for the telecom industry, while also providing a new technology to assist in efforts concerned with long-life unattended sensors. Mica has traction and funding for developing its PAC based industrial application. This estimated market niche is in the Billions (USD).

Source: Company Press Release