Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) and Powin Energy, a battery storage systems supplier, have been selected by Key Capture Energy (KCE) to build 200MW of utility-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) in Texas.

The companies will construct KCE TX 11 (50 MW), KCE TX 12 (100 MW), and KCE TX 23 (50 MW) battery energy storage systems.

MHPS’s scope of work will include turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction, along with long-term service support for all direct current (DC) equipment, power conversion systems, and high voltage substations.

Meanwhile, a fully integrated battery, a battery management system, and long-term services will be provided by Powin.

The battery storage systems are scheduled commence operations before the next summer

Construction work on the projects is expected to commence this fall, with completion planned before the summer of 2021.

Key Capture Energy CEO Jeff Bishop said: “As an industry-leading energy storage solution provider, MHPS has a strong history of technological innovation, a proven track record in large-scale project management, and strong financial positioning.

“We are pleased to partner with MHPS to supply full turnkey solutions for this round of Texas projects. Texas is the epicenter of the global energy market, and with a growing Houston office, we look forward to providing best-in-class energy storage solutions in the Lone Star state for decades to come.”

At present, KCE is the second largest operator of stand-alone battery storage projects in Texas, having three facilities in operation projects with a combined capacity of 29.7MW and each of the projects is equipped by Powin.

MHPS NEXT vice president Tom Cornell said: “Key Capture Energy is a premier developer with an impressive 1500 MW of stand-alone battery storage projects in its pipeline across the country.”

Last month, MHPS has started commercial operations at its T-Point 2 combined cycle power plant validation facility in Japan.