The Chickahominy Power Station is a natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant, which will come up in Charles City County.

Slated to be completed in 2022, the power station will be equipped with three 1×1 M501JAC powertrains. Following its commissioning, the plant will supply power into the PJM regional transmission grid.

MHPS Americas president and CEO Paul Browning said: “We’re happy to be selected by Chickahominy Power and their parent, Balico, to bring reliable and low carbon electricity to the residents of Virginia.

“Generators today want to satisfy electricity demand while reducing carbon footprint and they are selecting our Advanced Class Gas Turbines to bring a Change in Power.”

According to MHPS, the M501JAC turbine utilizes air-cooled condensers instead of steam cooling, thereby bringing down water usage for cooling. The Chickahominy Power Station will be fed with natural gas sourced from the Marcellus shale formation.

Balico managing member Irfan Ali said: “Following a vigorous bidding and evaluation process in collaboration with our partner Gemma Power Systems, Balico selected MHPS’ J Class turbines as the best suited for our project objectives.

“This was confirmed during my recent trip to Japan, during which I was able to visit the MHPS T-Point facility where they demonstrate their industry-leading performance under real-time grid-dispatched conditions.”

In June 2018, the power plant’s engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services contract was awarded to Gemma Power Systems.

Construction of the Chickahominy Power Station will involve 800-1,000 jobs. Upon its commissioning, the power plant will have 35 permanent employees for its operations.

Last month, MHPS bagged an order from Entergy Texas to deliver two gas turbines for the 993MW Montgomery County Power Station to be built with an investment of $937m in Willis, Texas. The two gas turbine generation units to be supplied by MHPS for the power plant are air-cooled versions of the MHPS G-Series.