Mesa's proprietary generators, designed to turn that otherwise wasted natural gas into electrical power, will be used by Crusoe's modular data centres


Image: Digitial Flare Mitigation systems are designed to enable efficient petroleum production. Photo: courtesy of Vee TEC/

Mesa Natural Gas Solutions (Mesa), a portfolio company of BP Energy Partners, has partnered with Crusoe Energy Systems (Crusoe) to develop 50MW of flare-to-computing projects within the next two years.

The agreement furthers the two firms’ commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of flaring natural gas associated with oil development.

The collaboration will allow Mesa’s proprietary generators designed to turn that otherwise wasted natural gas into electrical power for use by Crusoe’s modular data centres.

Mesa said that the partners plan to deploy 50MW of Digitial Flare Mitigation systems designed to utilise the generators, over the next two years, while contributing helping in reducing natural gas flaring in North America.

Crusoe Energy Systems CEO Chase Lochmiller said: “Crusoe and Mesa share the goal of providing our clients with reliable, scalable and environmentally beneficial solutions in the oilfield.

“Mesa’s fast-deploying and modular power generation capabilities have been a natural complement to Crusoe’s mobile and modular Digital Flare Mitigation systems, and we look forward to achieving significant scale together over the next two years and beyond.”

Digitial Flare Mitigation systems enable efficient petroleum production

Intended to drastically reduce emissions of operations that would otherwise flare or vent the associated natural gas, the Digitial Flare Mitigation systems are expected to enable more efficient petroleum production for oil companies at locations with stranded gas.

Currently, Crusoe operates multiple flare mitigation projects in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken oilfield, Wyoming’s Powder River Basin oilfield, and Colorado’s Denver-Julesburg oilfield.

Mesa Natural Gas Solutions president and CEO Scott Gromer said: “We are extremely proud and excited to work with Crusoe and partner with them to convert stranded or flare gas to electricity for use in Crusoe’s on-site data centers.

“The Crusoe team has developed an innovative, cost effective solution to the growing issue of excess associated gas in the US oil fields.  Oil and gas companies have asked for a solution to excess associate gas production and with Crusoe and Mesa’s technology, we can economically consume the excess gas while reducing emissions.”