Energy Minister Bill Johnston released the Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap, produced by the McGowan Government’s Energy Transformation Taskforce.

Rooftop solar panels, batteries, electric vehicles and microgrids are transforming Western Australia’s electricity system. These small-scale devices, known as Distributed Energy Resources (DER), present challenges and opportunities for the way we produce, manage and consume electricity in our State.

The DER Roadmap is an Australian first, five-year plan that outlines the actions we must take over the next five years in order to meet these challenges and harness the potential for cleaner, more affordable energy.

Actions will include pilots to determine the best ways to overcome technical, regulatory and market barriers to integrate DER into our grid, including additional community batteries.

The Roadmap has been developed with significant input from industry, and will be implemented with collaboration from Energy Policy WA, Western Power, Horizon Power, Synergy and the Australian Energy Market Operator.