This study will use all available digital datasets on the resource area in order to generate gold prospectivity maps


Maple Gold applies machine learning. (Credit: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay)

Maple Gold Mines has engaged Computational Geosciences Inc. (“CGI”) to complete a new and expanded Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) study for targeting high-grade gold at Douay. This study will use all available digital datasets within a 128km² area centered on the resource area in order to generate gold prospectivity maps and provide additional target areas to validate and rank in advance of the Company’s next phase of drilling later this year.

AI studies, as applied to Mineral Exploration, involve the application of automated mathematical models (intelligent algorithms) to data-rich environments in order to allow recognition of subtle features or patterns in the data that are not always evident to the human eye. CGI will be employing their proprietary VNet segmentation deep learning algorithm to help the Company’s targeting efforts.

The Company believes that the quality of its databases, together with CGI’s rigorous methodology and built-in interaction with the Company’s geologists at all stages of the process, will result in a high quality product that will allow for the definition of additional new drill targets.

Maple Gold’s President and CEO, Matthew Hornor, commented: “Our team is excited to collaborate with CGI, a group we are very familiar with given their strategic partnerships with the Ivanhoe group of companies. The last time any machine learning was applied at Douay was limited and more than a decade ago. There is significantly more project data now, with more sophisticated algorithms and increased computing power on the processing side. We are excited to complete this exercise in parallel with our IP program as we refine and detail top priority discovery targets in advance of our planned drilling in late Q3 or early Q4.”

Source: Company Press Release