Mainstream Renewable Power (Mainstream) and Senvion have signed a conditional contract for the supply of 20 Senvion for the Alena wind farm project in Chile.

Main Stream Power

Image: Mainstream sign conditional order with Senvion for 84MW wind farm. Photo: Courtesy of Anna Jiménez Calaf/Unsplash.

Senvion will supply 4.2M148 turbines for this project. The 4.2M148 turbines will have a hub height of 140m and the installation is expected to take place next year.

Mainstream stated that this is the third conditional contract between the two companies within a month. The three contracts were signed for a total of 424MW and the scope of contract includes delivery, installation and commissioning of the wind turbines.

The two companies have also agreed on long-term full-service contract for a period of 20 years with the option to be extended.

The Alena project is part of the first of three phases for Mainstream’s fully-contracted 1.3GW wind and solar platform awarded to it in the Chilean energy auction in August 2016.

Mainstream Renewable Power Chile general manager Manuel Tagle said: “This contract is another important advancement to demonstrate that our projects, which are scheduled to begin construction this year, are on track to reach commercial operational by 2021. These advancements show that we have achieved what we have set out to do, which is to supply clean energy and contribute to phase out fossil fuels in the Chile.”

Senvion executive director and chief sales officer David Hardy said: “We are glad to see that our newly launched 4.2 turbine platform proves itself as successful and competitive as we expected it to be: Especially the continuous orders from new markets reflect its efficiency in low and medium wind sites.”

In December 2018, Senvion signed an agreement with Mainstream to supply 81 of its 4.2MW turbines. As part of the order, the company had agreed to supply 37 of the turbines for the Tchamma project and a further 44 turbines will be supplied for the Cerro Tigre project.

Earlier this month, Mainstream completed the installation of the 170MW Sarco wind farm in Chile. This wind farm is powered by 3.4MW turbines. Turbines for this wind farm were also supplied by Senvion.