COMET to support the fast growing Indian natural gas market needs with software and data solutions


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TruMarx Data Partners, Inc., developers of the COMET energy marketplace, and leading project developer in the natural gas and LNG sector, LNG Alliance (Singapore) have signed an MOU to support LNG Alliances business objectives with software and data solutions including the COMET Marketplace for the LNG/Gas trading and distribution platform in India.

LNG Alliance (Singapore) is engaged in the development of India’s virtual gas pipelines, downstream gas market integration in the east coast of India and LNG bunkering initiatives in the west coast of India. This understanding underscores the TruMarx commitment to providing the most valuable and robust energy trading solutions to the industry in consultation with its leaders.

TruMarx’s Chief Executive Officer Jon Olson commented, “We welcome the opportunity to provide our solutions to LNG Alliance to further their groundbreaking work.”

Muthu Chezhian, CEO of LNG Alliance commented, “Based on our indepth evaluation of the various softwares and trading platforms available in the market for Gas and LNG transactions, COMET  ranked top. It provides us with an integrated transactional visual platform for price discovery mechanism, ability to negotiate the terms through confidential one-to-one secure space, and comprehensive transaction compliance, built on best industry practices. The complex and fast emerging gas/LNG demand in India, combined with the wide range of client needs, makes COMET the right fit for us.”

COMET supports unlimited, real-time confidential collaboration around any transaction, and provides custom integration between third-party systems to create straight-through processing across the transaction lifecycle. COMET standardizes processes around non-standard transactions.

Source: Company Press Release