Oil and gas processing technology provider Honeywell has secured a contract from Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) for reconfiguration of Al-Zour refinery’s refining and petrochemicals sections with Honeywell UOP technology.

The newly designed complex would increase the plant’s output capacity of fuels and petrochemicals, along with improving the configuration and capacity of the refinery’s gasoline production facilities.

Honeywell UOP petrochemicals & refining technologies vice president and general manager Bryan Glover said: “When completed, this will be the largest integrated refinery and petrochemicals plant ever constructed in Kuwait. In addition to aromatics and propylene, the Euro-V fuels it will produce will be the cornerstone of Kuwait’s clean fuels initiative.”

Under the contract, Honeywell UOP will supply technology licenses, design services, key equipment, advanced catalysts and adsorbents for the production of clean-burning fuels, paraxylene, propylene and other petrochemicals.

Al-Zour Refinery to produce low-sulfur gasoline blending components with a UOP Selectfining unit

In addition, the refinery’s gasoline section is expected to be provided with 98,000 barrels per day (bpd) RFCC complex for production of propylene, gasoline, and petrochemical aromatics, and a UOP Selectfining unit to for low-sulfur gasoline blending components production.

Honeywell is expected to employ two UOP Merox units to treat propane and isobutane for production of propylene and clean-fuels blending components, in addition to the 11,800-bpd Butamer unit for converting normal butane to isobutane.

The petrochemicals section Al-Zour refinery includes an aromatics complex with a production capacity of 1.4 million metric tonnes of paraxylene per year. The facility is expected to make use of the advanced generation LD Parex aromatics technology, including the Sulfolane, Isomar and Tatoray processes.

Over the past five decades, Honeywell claims to have delivered more than 2,300 projects for more than 165 customers in Kuwait.

In March 2019, Honeywell partnered with Wood through the Honeywell Connected Plant platform to commercialise digital services to ensure efficient, reliable and safer operations for oil refiners.