Jordan’s majority state-owned National Petroleum Company (NPC) has reportedly made “promising” new gas discovery in the Risha gas field located along the country’s eastern border with Iraq.

Jordan Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Hala Zawati was reported by Jordan Times as saying that the Well 53 drilling in Risha gas field has shown “promising results”.

Zawati was by Reuters as saying: “It has shown promising results..the efforts had resulted in the flow of new gas supplies that would raise the productivity of the gas field.”

However, the potential production capacity of the new discovery would be announced by the end of this year following assessment, Zawati noted.

The drilling and exploration remain ongoing in wells 50, 51, and 52 in the same area.

The Risha field contributes to nearly 5% of the country’s natural gas consumption of around 350 million cubic feet (mcf) per day for power generation, officials told Reuters.

During a press briefing, Zawati noted that the latest discovery is the result of Royal directives that were translated into the 2020-2030 comprehensive strategy.

The strategy aims to increase the domestic power generation to 48.5% of the total consumption in 2030, from 15% in 2019, said Zawati.

Jordanian officials believed that exploration and drilling at the Risha field would result in the discovery of extensive recoverable gas reserves that would in turn help in reducing dependence on oil imports for the country.

The country intends to diversify local energy sources by increasing investments in renewable and oil shale in order to reduce fuel imports.