Located in Barki Village, Garissa County, Kenya, the solar plant is expected to be formally commissioned by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. The solar plant is expected to strengthen Kenya’s rich solar energy resources, diversify its power generation mix, and reduce energy costs. Once completed, the solar plant will connect to the national grid and offer energy costs that are competitive with other sources.

JinkoSolar Global Sales and Marketing Vice President Gener Miao said: “JinkoSolar is committed to providing the world with high-quality products to generate green energy. “Garissa County has favorable sunlight conditions for solar power generation. The completion of this project is expected to open up Garissa County, creating an economic hub in northeast Kenya that will generate economic development and boost local businesses. It is also another step towards President Kenyatta’s 2020 target of obtaining 100% green energy across the country.”

Source: Company Press Release