Jereh Group, a leading oilfield equipment manufacturer, unveiled a new electric solution for shale gas development at Yantai, Jereh Headquarter, witnessed by over 130 clients, including Representatives from CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC as well as international clients from Russia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E and Oman.

Jereh Electric Fracturing Fleet

Image: Jereh Electric Fracturing Fleet for Shale Gas Development Launched in Yantai Headquarter. Photo: courtesy of Jereh Group.

Also, the equipment start-up ceremony was held onsite for demonstration.

China possesses the largest proved shale gas reserves in the world. However, it is difficult to extract due to complicated geological conditions.

How to bring capacity in line with increasing demand in a more safe, efficient and reliable way seems to be a common concern for every oil and gas player. Equipment powered by electricity came into public’s sight for a good reason. It is believed to greatly reduce refueling traffic and eliminate over 400 diesel deliveries (J.M. Oehring, 2015).

With years of practice and innovation, Jereh successfully developed a full series of electric fracturing fleet to help reduce cost and enhance the efficiency of shale gas development.

Jereh’s new solution stands out due to its robust electric motor and Jereh patented JR5000QPN pump, enabling the electric frac fleet to satisfy operations of large displacement, high pressure and long duration.

A power supply package is offered for users in locations with inadequate power grids or any kind of power facilities. Compared with diesel fleets, the electric fracturing fleet is more economical and it features compact structure and smaller footprint while reaching a power density of 134kw/t, the highest among its counterparts.

In addition, the electric solution is environmental-friendly since it has low noise level of less than 85 dB and less lube leaking.

Mr. Louis Li, Executive Vice President of Jereh Group, said, “As indicated in 13th Five-Year Plan, China plans to achieve shale gas production of 30 billion m3 in 2020. Leveraging its capability throughout the industry chain, Jereh would like to join hands with all customers on their way pursuing the ambitious goal. We believe China’s shale boom is upon us.”

Source: Company Press Release