Jacobs has been appointed to Anglian Water Services’ new Strategic Pipeline Alliance (SPA) which will deliver new connective infrastructure across the East of England ensuring more than 600,000 of Anglian Water’s six million customers continue to receive a resilient and safe water supply for generations to come.

In the U.K., a reliable water supply is often taken for granted, yet water shortages caused by climate change and an increasing population are now a key risk while balancing the needs of the environment. Anglian Water is tackling this challenge now, head on, with a forward-thinking investment of $458 million (£365M) over the next five years to take 20 regionally significant projects from concept to operation.

“We live in a connected world where communities and their infrastructure are only as strong as the weakest link,” said Jacobs People and Places Solutions Europe, Middle East & Africa Senior Vice President and General Manager Donald Morrison. “Anglian Water appreciates this and their investment through the SPA will help to set up the East of England for prosperous growth and development well into the future.”

The alliance will build on the collaborative delivery experience of Anglian Water, Jacobs and the other partners (Farrans, Mott MacDonald Bentley and Costain) focusing on long-term, integrated thinking to deliver better outcomes for the customer. New technology like digital twins or replicas of actual systems, processes and assets will be used for synthetic data generation, prediction, optimization and scenario analysis, helping to drive greater efficiency and reliability.

Anglian Water Strategic Projects Director James Crompton said: “The SPA is a brand-new organization made up of experienced partners who’ve been appointed following a tough selection process based on behaviors as well as capability. Together, we’ll work as a single, integrated organization, delivering our stretching Water Resources Management Plan to provide safe clean water for generations to come.”