Invenergy, a privately-held sustainable energy solutions provider, has completed the construction and started commercial operations at the 302.4MW Santa Rita East wind farm.

The Santa Rita East wind farm is located approximately 112km west of San Angelo, in Texas.

The wind facility was developed and constructed by Invenergy, to generate adequate electricity to power 120,000 homes in the country.

Invenergy said that more than 300 jobs were created during peak construction of the project and is expected to create 14 permanent full-time operations and maintenance jobs for the long-term operation of the project.

In addition, the wind facility is set to support the local economy by contributing approximately $5m (£4m) per annum tax payments and lease payments to participating landowners.

Invenergy Renewable Development senior vice president Mick Baird said: “Invenergy is pleased to have completed the Santa Rita East Wind Farm, which is our 16th operating project in the Lone Star State.

“We are proud to have partnered with AEP Renewables on the sale and long-term operations of the project, and to be supporting the goals of corporate environmental sustainability leaders Grupo Bimbo, Merck and Novartis.”

Invenergy to retain 25% stake in Santa Rita East wind facility

In relation with the project completion, Invenergy has closed a purchase and sale agreement with AEP Renewables to sell 75% interest in the project. Retaining a 25% stake in the project, Invenergy will provide operations, asset management and energy management services under a 20-year agreement.

In 2018, Invenergy signed three individual virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs) for Santa Rita East wind farm. The VPPAs were signed with Grupo Bimbo for 100MW, Merck for 60MW and Novartis for 100MW, totalling 260MW.

The agreements are expected to advance the growth of renewable energy in Texas and support environmental sustainability strategies and goals for the three firms.

Invenergy claims that its capital investment has crossed $5b (£4bn) in Texas, and its projects employ approximately 140 workers in the region.