Invenergy's Jersey Link project is designed to facilitate the seamless integration of up to 3,600MW of new offshore wind into New Jersey's grid

power line-7thDec

(Credit: Pexels from Pixabay)

Invenergy, a prominent privately held developer, owner, and operator of sustainable energy solutions, has officially introduced Jersey Link—a renewable energy transmission initiative aimed at fostering a robust clean energy market in New Jersey, the US. The company acquired this early-stage project, previously recognised as Atlantic Power Transmission, from Blackstone Infrastructure Partners, who will continue to provide ongoing support for the initiative.

Aligned with New Jersey’s ambitious goal to incorporate 11,000MW of offshore wind by 2040, Invenergy’s Jersey Link project stands out as an innovative, scalable, and all-encompassing High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission solution. This initiative is designed to facilitate the seamless integration of up to 3,600MW of new offshore wind into New Jersey’s grid, thereby supplying power to millions of homes across the state.

Jersey Link senior project director Robert Taylor said: “This announcement underscores Invenergy’s continued commitment to building the critical infrastructure required to advance the offshore wind and transmission goals of New Jersey, and the US at large.

“Invenergy’s deeply experienced team will ensure Jersey Link cost-effectively delivers offshore wind power to shore, invests in coastal and inland communities, and advances workforce development opportunities throughout the state.”

Investing in transmission infrastructure is crucial to meeting the expanding electricity demands in America, and it has the potential to spur substantial economic growth. This investment not only directs funds into the economy but also creates new skilled job opportunities, particularly benefiting coastal communities through revitalisation efforts. Invenergy’s Jersey Link project continues to build on a robust labour coalition that initially backed Atlantic Power Transmission. As it progresses, the initiative is committed to advancing workforce development through strategic labour partnerships, further contributing to the growth and sustainability of the local economy.

Invenergy has a substantial commitment to New Jersey, serving as the lead developer for the Leading Light Wind project—an American-led offshore wind initiative that recently submitted a bid to supply up to 2,400MW of clean energy to the state. Beyond its local involvement, Invenergy is a global pioneer in state-of-the-art High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission, a crucial technology for the seamless integration of clean energy.

Currently, Invenergy is at the forefront of developing over one-third of the proposed HVDC transmission capacity in the US. This includes the ambitious 5GW, 800-mile Grain Belt Express, which stands as the highest-capacity transmission line in the US, geared towards delivering affordable and reliable power to the Midwest and other regions. Leveraging its extensive experience in development, project execution, and HVDC technology, Invenergy’s Jersey Link initiative is poised to create a technically robust, economically viable, and constructible project.

New Jersey’s decision to employ the State Agreement Approach of the PJM grid operator for a second time, along with initiating another competitive solicitation for offshore wind transmission, is a strategic move to address the challenges associated with individual transmission lines for offshore projects. This decision aligns with the recommendations of the US Department of Energy’s National Transmission Needs Study, released in October.