Kompania Piwowarska, a company of Asahi Breweries Europe, has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with innogy for the renewable power produced by its Polish Nowy Staw wind farm.

Under the agreement, Kompania Piwowarska’s three Polish breweries, namely Tyskie Browary Książęce in Tychy, the Dojlidy Brewery in Białystok and Lech Browary Wielkopolski in Poznań, will use the renewable power produced by the wind farm to cover the power needs.

Asahi Breweries Europe CEO Paolo Lanzarotti said: “I am excited that as soon as in 2021, we will be brewing a third of our volume in Central Europe with 100% renewable electricity. This is the equivalent of 3 billion beer bottles every year. In Poland, we will thus be able to reduce our carbon footprint by 66% compared to 2019.

“This deal is a significant commitment that not only helps us come closer to the Asahi Group ambition of becoming carbon neutral across whole supply chain by 2050, but also lays the ground for innogy to invest in a new onshore construction project that will support Poland’s transition towards renewable energy.”

Innogy will expand Nowy Staw wind facility in 2021

Located near Gdansk, innogy’s 73MW Nowy Staw onshore wind farm will supply 30GWh per annum to Kompania Piwowarska, covering approximately 40% of the breweries’ electricity needs from 2020.

Nowy Staw is expected to cover 100% of the company’s Polish breweries’ power requirements from 2021, through a planned expansion of the existing wind farm by up to 11MW.

The company said that following the planned extension in 2021, Nowy Staw is expected to supply up to 80GWh per year to the three Polish breweries.

innogy stated that the PPA is the first to be signed in Poland for supply from a planned wind farm that will not benefit from any state supported mechanisms to produce renewable energy.

innogy operates eight onshore wind farms with a total installed output of more than 240 MW in Poland.