The President of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini, and Eni’s Chief Refining & Marketing Officer, Giuseppe Ricci, signed a collaboration agreement to undertake joint circular economy and sustainable development initiatives, which will strengthen energy’s role in agriculture.

In accordance with the 3-year agreement, Eni will supply Coldiretti’s associates, consortia, subsidiaries and affiliates with its range of fuels (automotive diesel, agricultural diesel and petrol) and lubricants specifically designed for agricultural machinery (engine oils, multifunctional oils, hydraulic oils, antifreeze fluids and greases), alongside Eni’s low environmental impact lubrificants, which are biodegradable and made from renewable sources.

This will further the existing agreement between the National Coldiretti Confederation and Eni, which set out areas of collaboration regarding the circular economy, with a particular focus on energy, agriculture, agri-food and livestock sectors. It also encourages industrial synergies between partners who can combine facilities, assets, and skills, and help to promote sustainable agriculture by optimizing energy consumption.

“Italian agriculture is a strategic resource for kick-starting a new cycle of economic and employment development. Our agriculture is the greenest in Europe and it is leading a new circular economic model, in which production uses waste products and becomes part of efforts to modernize and transform the Italian and European economy”, said Ettore Prandini, the President of Coldiretti, highlighting the agricultural sector contribution to the sustainable growth of the country.

“This agreement with Coldiretti continues Eni’s commitments in the circular economy,” said Giuseppe Ricci, Eni’s Chief Refining & Marketing Officer. “The circular economy is a key pillar in our decarbonisation strategy. In order to guarantee lower emissions in future, we need to share our skills in the energy sector with key players in wider social and economic systems, such as the agricultural sector, which Eni can help to build a sustainable future.”