Grupo R is proud to announce that it signed a contract with Shell Mexico for the lease of the La Muralla IV platform to operate in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The integrated contract model signed between Shell Exploración and Extraction de México and Grupo R will provide Shell with the drilling rig, as well as the support team to drill three wells (with the option of extensions) in deep water since the third quarter of 2020

The hiring of Grupo R is part of Shell Mexico’s strategy to accelerate deep-sea exploration in Mexican territory, strengthening the national oil industry with competitive, efficient and shared risk contracts.

“At Shell we are committed to promoting the development of a modern, innovative and competitive energy sector for Mexico. With the hiring and promotion of Mexican companies with extensive experience and capacity for the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, we favor the generation of quality jobs and help promote the development of the economy,” said Pablo Tejera Cuesta (Upstream Director of Shell México).

He added that this promotes national content, a situation that increasingly favors Mexican companies to raise their standards in terms of ethics and compliance, industrial safety and quality, allowing them to access more markets, inside and outside the country.

“We are convinced that by combining the experience of Grupo R with our global experience, we will contribute to the development of deepwater exploration in Mexico, always in line with the highest standards in industrial safety,” said David Stewart (Global Vice President of Shell Deepwater Wells)

Ramiro Garza, President of Grupo R, said he was proud of this contract, as it demonstrates the quality that Grupo R has as a company.

“We are proud that Shell has chosen Group R to provide the leasing services of the La Muralla IV deepwater drilling rig. For our Group, this contract is proof that we are a growing company with the ambition and the ability to become an international marine drilling company.”