Bravo Mining Corp. (“Bravo” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its Luanga platinum group metals (palladium + platinum + rhodium) + gold + nickel (PGM+Au+Ni) project (“Luanga”), located in the Carajás Mineral Province, state of Pará, Brazil, has been selected as a ‘Strategic Minerals Project’ by the Government of Brazil.

“The selection of Luanga as a ‘Strategic Minerals Project’ demonstrates the importance of our commodity mix to Brazil,” stated Luis Azevedo, Chairman and CEO of Bravo. “We recognize the support of the Government of Brazil in implementing the Strategic Minerals Policy and ensuring that projects of national importance are able to benefit from a prioritized permitting process to the benefit of all stakeholders,” he said.  “While we remain in the intermediate exploration phase at Luanga with the ongoing Phase 1 25,500m infill, down plunge extension, step out diamond drill program focused on confirming the results of the extensive historic drill program .  We are very pleased to have the opportunity to advance Luanga through the permitting pipeline on a priority basis under the Strategic Minerals Policy.”

Brazil’s Strategic Minerals Policy
The Brazilian Government instituted the Policy for Supporting the Environmental Licensing of Investment Projects for the Production of Strategic Minerals (the “Strategic Minerals Policy”) through Decree No. 10,657, effective March 24, 2021.  The Strategic Minerals Policy is aimed at prioritizing development of mineral projects that are strategic for Brazil’s growth.  The Strategic Minerals Policy has been qualified under Programa de Parcerias de Investimento (Investment Partnerships Program) (the “PPI”), a government body dedicated to expanding and accelerating the implementation of projects with the participation of the private sector in Brazil.

The Inter-ministerial Committee for the Analysis of Strategic Mineral Projects (“CTAPME”) was formed to select projects deemed to have strategic importance to Brazil and manage the implementation of the Strategic Minerals Policy.  CTAPME includes representatives from the PPI; Ministry of Mines and Energy; Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations; Special Secretariat of the Investment Partnership Program of the Ministry of the Economy and the Institutional Security Office and Special Secretariat for Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic.

The Strategic Minerals Policy ensures that the usual environmental agencies remain fully responsible for conducting the licensing processes according to the applicable legislation.  The PPI’s role is to facilitate regulatory body interaction to better coordinate the environmental permitting process and prioritize strategic projects to the benefit of all stakeholders.