GNF is a GE-led joint venture with Hitachi and Toshiba Corporation, and TVO is owned by a consortium of power and industrial companies. Genusa is a joint venture between Enusa Industrias Avanzadas (Enusa) and GNF.

The contract, which runs from 2020 through 2038, includes reloads of high-performance fuel assembly GNF2, which is designed to deliver increased energy output while decreasing overall fuel cycle costs.

TVO and Genusa are likely to evaluate the suitability of future fuel designs to meet TVO’s operational goals over the course of the contract.

TVO production manager and senior vice-president Marjo Mustonen said: “TVO’s experience using Genusa’s fuel has been excellent, so I am pleased to see that the fuel has fulfilled our strict quality requirements again and we can revitalize the cooperation.

“Our goal is safe and undisturbed power operation of the plant, and this long-term contract helps us to achieve this important goal and also secures the fuel supply for nearly two decades.”

Enusa will fabricate fuel for Olkiluoto at its Juzbado Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Plant in Spain.

The Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant will utilize components supplied by GNF.

Enusa, which was incorporated in 1996, has manufactured fuel sold by Genusa to operators of boiling water reactors across Europe, and TVO was the first customer of GENUSA after its inception.

GNF CEO and Genusa board president Amir Vexler said: “We fueled the Olkiluoto reactors for several years and as we continue to evolve our products to further strengthen reliability and performance, we are pleased to provide fuel to TVO for many years to come.”

The initial assemblies will include the enhanced GNF2 spacer and the Defender PLUS debris filter that can stop debris before it reaches the fuel assembly.

Enusa business development and technology director and Genusa board member Roberto Gonzalez Villegas said: “Enusa is very proud to once again support TVO by fabricating fuel at our Juzbado Fuel Plant for Olkiluoto NPP.

“TVO was one of our first customers abroad and we are happy to see that we have obtained their confidence for a long collaboration.”