The Harrison County Power Station to be developed by Caithness Energy and ESC in West Virginia will serve nearly 425,000 homes upon its commissioning.


Image: Gemma Power Systems given limited notice to proceed for the Harrison County Power Project. Photo: courtesy of Karsten W. Rohrbach/

Gemma Power Systems has bagged an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services contract from ESC Harrison County Power for the Harrison County Power Station, a 625MW natural gas-fired power plant in West Virginia.

Harrison County Power Station Details

The combined-cycle power plant is being developed jointly by Caithness Energy and Energy Solutions Consortium (ESC) in Harrison County. It is estimated to meet the power consumption needs of nearly 425,000 homes through the PJM interconnect (grid).

The Harrison County Power Station will be equipped with a 7HA.02 combustion turbine generator (CTG) from General Electric, which will be connected to a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).

Harrison County Power Station Construction

Gemma Power Systems, which is a subsidiary of Argan, has been given a limited notice to proceed to carry on project planning and engineering activities. The Harrison County Power Project is expected to break ground this summer with completion of construction targeted for 2022.

Caithness Energy president Ross Ain said: “Caithness has selected Gemma to construct this important project for a number of reasons. Gemma recently completed our 1,080 MW Freedom natural gas-fired power plant which was constructed for the lowest cost per installed kilowatt of any recent project in the region.”

Construction on the Harrison County Power Station will involve 400 jobs followed by 30 full-time for its operations.

Argan chairman and CEO Rainer Bosselmann said: “With the signing of another project and receipt of the related limited notice to proceed, we are pleased to see our project backlog grow to over $1.4 billion. It has taken a lot of hard work and effort to get to this point and we appreciate the patience our shareholders have shown us.”

Earlier this year, Gemma Power Systems won an EPC contract from Guernsey Power Station for a 1.875GW natural gas-fired power plant in Ohio. The Guernsey Power Station is being developed jointly by Caithness Energy and Apex Power Group in Guernsey County and is expected to have its construction wrapped up in 2022.