GE Vernova has completed the modernisation of four gas turbines at the 2GW Sabiya combined cycle power plant located in Kuwait.

Built in Al Jahra, about 52km away from Kuwait City, the Sabiya facility has a total of six of GE Vernova’s 9F.03 gas turbines alongside three D11 steam turbines. The power station is owned by Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy.

As part of the Ministry’s initiatives to transform the power generation infrastructure in Kuwait, the new upgrades will increase the Sabiya power plant’s block output by up to 6.3% and decrease the heat rate by 1.8%. This will result in an overall increase in power production of up to 70MW.

GE Vernova completed the modernisation at the Sabiya facility as part of a multiyear service agreement with engineering, procurement, and construction contracting company Alghanim International.

The service agreement followed the signing of an operations and maintenance (O&M) agreement between Alghanim and the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy for all three combined-cycle power blocks at the Sabiya power station.

Jihad Saade from Alghanim International said: “GE Vernova helped us ensure that the Ministry of Electricity & Water & Renewable Energy power plants are performing at their best.

“The successful implementation of these upgrades demonstrates the commitment of Alghanim International towards Kuwait’s energy sector and our aim to support the Ministry in its efforts of maintaining Kuwait leadership position in the region.”

Under the terms of the service agreement, GE Vernova offered advanced gas path (AGP) upgrades for the four turbines in Blocks 2 and 3 at the Sabiya plant as well as the supply and maintenance services of the units for seven years.

Earlier, GE Vernova upgraded two gas turbines in the Sabiya power plant’s Block 1. This increased the output by up to 6%, resulting in a combined increase in power production of over 35MW without requiring additional fuel.

GE Vernova gas power business Europe, Middle East and Africa president and CEO Joseph Anis said: “With a proven track-record of delivering long-term services contracts in the State of Kuwait, we are proud of this strategic collaboration with the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy and Alghanim International that has enabled us to provide responsive, flexible, and efficient power solutions to help meet the country’s growing energy needs.”