The agreement leverages GE’s service and digital capabilities to improve and optimize turbine performance while enabling the ability to deliver unique customer-focused financial outcomes and metrics.

As part of the agreement, GE Renewable Energy will take on the remote management of TerraForm’s windfarms, centralizing the monitoring and analysis of the entire fleet across multiple OEM and turbine types while providing NERC/FERC compliance services including Critical Infrastructure Program (CIP) Version 5 requirements.

GE Renewable Energy Onshore Wind America head Vikas Anand said “This agreement with TerraForm is a great example of how we can combine GE’s unmatched onshore equipment and services experiences to create the right solutions for our customers. By working closely with TerraForm, we are creating an entirely new level of value for their fleet.”

GE Renewable Energy’s digital solution harnesses terabytes of data and orchestrates proprietary analytics to diagnose and predict turbine underperformance on a fully integrated software platform designed specifically for the wind industry. If any part of the fleet is underperforming, or an anomaly is detected, GE automatically alerts and dispatches technicians to remedy the issue.

GE Renewable Energy Digital Solutions CEO Anne McEntee said: “GE Renewable Energy now manages more than 70 GW of renewable energy globally. “Our customers’ operational strategy is what drives our digital products and lifecycle solutions. We focus on what matters most to them—outcomes that increase revenue, reduce costs and lower risk. Only GE can do this by applying data-driven insights, expert recommendations, and advanced field services, thoroughly integrated in a single software platform.”

In addition, the agreement also covers a number of additional services including:

Securing NERC regulatory certification as part of remote management and system control

Blade repairs and extended coverage

Parts and equipment to cover non-GE assets and update existing site inventory and ordering mechanisms

Documentation and training for on-site personnel

Source: Company Press Release