Fortistar and TruStar Energy will attend the WasteExpo in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 6th through 9th to discuss RNG with landfill owners, project developers and fleet owners.


Image: Fortistar and TruStar Energy plan to decarbonize transportation fuel supply by use of RNG. Photo courtesy of Kiril Havezov/

With the recently announced acquisition of Beacon Energy facilities in PA, Fortistar is now extracting methane from landfills and converting it to RNG, paving the way for a sustainable transportation fuel supply chain working with its affiliate, TruStar Energy.

“RNG offers a tremendous opportunity to decarbonize America’s transportation fuel supply,” said Mark Comora, President of Fortistar and Chairman of TruStar Energy. “Our firm has operated in dozens of landfill gas to energy projects; TruStar Energy has constructed 250 natural gas fueling stations. We are closing the RNG supply loop as a uniquely vertically integrated company, extracting it from landfills and moving it into natural gas trucks. We are looking forward to speaking with industry and municipal representatives at WasteExpo to accelerate this opportunity.”

“Natural gas as a transportation fuel has proven to be a great success story for fleets—both economically and environmentally—and the communities they serve with quieter trucks and cleaner air,” said Adam Comora, CEO of TruStar Energy. “TruStar Energy is extremely proud of our role in that success story. As we look into 2019 and beyond, we are excited to build on that success by expanding our RNG offerings, which drive economic benefits and drastically reduces the carbon as compared to diesel fuel.”

For over 25 years, Fortistar has built, invested in and managed portfolios of successful independent power and clean energy generation projects in the United States and in Canada. Fortistar and TruStar Energy’s ability to forge strong relationships with investors, customers and local communities has been a hallmark of their demonstrated success.

Source: Company Press Release