Fluence has executed a contract with partner Hunan Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Technology Company to deliver an Aspiral Smart Packaged wastewater treatment plant to the Yiyang City Government, under its tripartite framework agreement.


Image: A wastewater treatment facility. Photo: courtesy of sherry wil/FreeImages.com.

Following the successful operation of three pilot sites, Fluence’s Aspiral wastewater treatment technology has been endorsed by the Yiyang City Government to help meet its future planning requirements in order to comply by 2020 with the Chinese Government’s 13th five-year plan.

The plant, which will consist of four (4) Smart Packaged Aspiral L4 units, will be used by the Xielingang Township government, and will treat 800 m3/day of wastewater to Class 1A standards. This is the largest capacity Aspiral™ plant so far deployed in Hunan Province, and will be commissioned as early as January 2019.

Kaitian Environmental Senior VP and GM of PPP company, Yanchun Ke, said: “As anticipated, we are pleased to deepen and widen our cooperation with the government of Yiyang and Fluence. Fluence’s Aspiral™ solution continues to prove its efficiency for this application and we are happy to provide it to our customers. We look forward to further increasing our activities in China’s wastewater treatment market with Fluence.”

Commenting on this latest milestone for Fluence, Managing Director & CEO Henry Charrabé said: “This endorsement from the Yiyang City Government is another key milestone for our growth in China. It opens the door for other provincial governments to adopt Aspiral™ as the standard solution for rural wastewater treatment. We are very pleased with the fruitful nature of our partnership with Kaitian Environmental and Yiyang City, and this important reference site as Fluence continues to grow in China.”

Source: Company Press Release