The exploration drilling program at the Catalao Diamond Project yielded in the discovery of three new kimberlite pipes, which have been named as CAT-11A, CAT-11B and CAT-01K.

Five Star Diamonds said that the CAT-11A kimberlite pipe was discovered by drill hole CAT-DDH-18-033, which encountered 23.16m of a weathered kimberlitic rock lying close to the surface.

On the other hand, it was the drill hole CAT-DDH-18-034 which discovered the CAT-11B kimberlite pipe having encountered 31.04m of a weathered kimberlitic rock close to surface.

The third kimberlite discovery at the Catalao Diamond Project – the CAT-01K pipe was made following the diamond drilling of the CAT-DDH-18-023. The drill hole returned with an interval of 17.15m of weathered (saprolite) to semi-weathered (saprock) kimberlitic intrusion, said the Brazilian diamond producer.

Apart from the three kimberlite discoveries, ten drill holes which were already drilled on other exploration targets at the Catalao Diamond Project have uncovered new kimberlite intersections with different sizes between 1.31m and 13.50m.

Five Star Diamonds said that it is assessing the actual results and is looking at the prospects of making additional infill holes on some of the targets once the ongoing drill target testing phase is completed.

Five Star Diamonds chairman Matthew Wood said: “We are very excited with these new discoveries at Catalao which supports our belief that Catalao is a highly prospective diamond project with multiple kimberlites. This provides a positive backdrop as we look to complete our financing, commence construction and then start production at Catalao.”

The Brazilian diamond producer plans to continue on defining and expanding resources further at the Catalao Diamond Project. It said that the diamond drilling program at the Brazilian diamond project will continue evaluating new potential exploration targets and delineating the size of the new discoveries.

In addition to the Catalao Diamond Project, Five Star Diamonds owns 22 diamond projects made up of 41 exploration licenses and applications spread over 76,426 hectares.