W Resources has announced first ore feed to the newly commissioned Jig and Mill Plant at La Parrilla tungsten mine in Spain.


Image: Tungsten rod. Photo courtesy of W. Oelen/Wikimedia Commons.

This follows construction completion in April and commissioning of the conveyors, pumps, thickener, two mills and two jigs over the past month.

The Jig and Mill Plant takes ore crushed to less than 10mm and efficiently increases the grade to be fed to the Concentrator Plant while efficiently rejecting waste mass. This is achieved with high Tungsten and Tin metal recoveries.

The jigged mine feed will now be fed through the existing Concentrator Plant, whilst the new large scale Concentrator Plant advances to construction completion in June and commissioning in July.

Michael Masterman, Chairman of W Resources said: “We have successfully commissioned the La Parrilla Crusher Plant and are successfully commissioning the Jig and Mill Plant. The next step is construction completion of the new Concentrator Plant in June and commencement of commissioning in July. Great progress has been made by the team which keeps us on-track to ramp-up to design production capacity of 200 tonnes per month by the end of 2019.

“At this stage of construction, it is important to clarify that commissioning a metallurgical plant is not a turn of a key process. In the Jig and Mill Plant alone there are two jigs, two roll mills, a thickener, reject disposal system, ten screens and feeders, nine conveyors, five pumps, and over 50 motors which need to be started, aligned and tied into an integrated control system. The team has done an outstanding job commissioning the plant and achieving first jigged concentrate.”

Source: Company Press Release