Australian Rare Earths Limited (ASX: AR3) (‘AR3’ or the ‘Company’) is pleased to announce the successful pilot scale production of a Mixed Rare Earth Carbonate (MREC) containing all the rare earths needed to produce rare earth permanent magnets; essential for increasing the efficient use of the power the world generates.

As a first for an Australian ionic clay hosted rare earth resource, this achievement is being met with great interest by potential downstream customers, especially in light of an increasing awareness that the world currently lacks the sustainable diversity of rare earths supply required to meet the growing demand of a carbon-free global economy.

Acting Managing Director Mr Rick Pobjoy commented: “This is an excellent result pointing to the potential economic recoverability of the MREE at the Koppamurra project. The ease with which the process can be undertaken utilising readily available equipment, to recover REEs in solution, gives validation to our belief that Koppamurra will be a long term rare earth supplier of global significance. Potential off-take partners are engaged and looking forward to receiving samples of the MREC to confirm the compatibility of the carbonate with their downstream processing techniques”.

As the test work progresses it is leading to an increased understanding of the chemistry of rare earths recovery at Koppamurra, including improving rare earth recovery and the successful management of impurities in a MREC. Further work is planned.