Exergy international today announced the launch of a new corporate rebrand, which involves a new visual identity and a new website, to reflect the transformation undergone by the company in a decade – from an innovative start-up to a leading ORC provider worldwide with almost 500 MWe in portfolio – and align with its new strategy and vision in the evolving energy market.

The rebranding comes as the completion of a journey Exergy started in 2021 with customer’s survey and in-dept market analysis. The identity refresh has created a new shape for Exergy’s logo, celebrating the movement of the turbine in a modern context and expanding its application potential. The new logo evokes the concepts of dynamism and transformation that has been in the company DNA since its inception and underlines its renewed commitment to keep innovating with a future-facing approach to the market. The Exergy’s new logo keeps its nod to the past with a flame orange color, which embodies the passion, energy and enthusiasm of all its employees, and combine it with a new deep green evoking the modernity, reliability and professionalism of an expert hi-tech partner.

“With our rebranding we want to reflect the new vision of the company, under TICA Group new course, to become a global leading provider of solutions that can drive sustainable and efficiency energy transformation, enhancing our R&D efforts to broaden our array of products and services into new market and applications” said Luca Pozzoni, Exergy’s General Manager.

The new claim Unleashing potential, powering the future expresses the company’s mission that works every day to help companies assess the potential of their energy sources and valorize and enable them, in a circular economy model, with efficient and carbon free power generation. As Luca Pozzoni explains: “Our new corporate rebrand underlines the role that Exergy will play in the new energy scenario where We – Customers, Technology Providers, Business Partners, Institutions, and Stakeholders – are collectively called to cooperate to take actions against climate change. This is mandatory for the benefit of our environment and future generations. Avoiding or curbing the energy consumption by reusing available or wasted energy resources is an essential step we can do now to make the energy transition happen”

The rebranding comes with the launch of the new website visible at exergy-orc.com, which presents the more modern, energetic and technological look of the company and features an enhanced user experience.

Exergy’s new image whilst mirroring a renewed strategy and approach to the market, is rooted in the strong company culture and values – Passion, Innovation, Teamwork, Customer focus, Responsibility – that allowed Exergy to deliver high quality service and products to clients around the world.