The geothermal power plants include the 26MW for Greeneco Enerji, a 12MW for RSC Enerji and a 10MW for Kiper Elektrik


Exergy officials at 10MW geothermal plant for Kiper Elektrik. (Credit: Exergy International Srl.)

Exergy International, part of the Chinese TICA Corporation, has brought three new geothermal power plants, totalling 48MW, online in Turkey.

The three power plants include the 26MW for Greeneco Enerji, a 12MW for RSC Enerji and a 10MW for Kiper Elektrik.

The 26MW project was awarded to Exergy last December and is claimed to have been completed in less than ten months. Exergy’s scope of contract included engineering, supply and site support of the power plant.

Located in Sarayköy, in the Denizli district, the new unit is a single pressure cycle equipped with two Radial Outflow turbines and uses air-cooled condensing system with a total power output of 26MW.

It is the sixth order from Greeneco which already has a total of 76MW in geothermal power plants using Exergy’s technology.

Exergy stated: “For all projects Exergy and the customers worked in great synergy, coping with all complications and tight constraints imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak during the execution of the contract, to achieve the delivery on time.”

The geothermal plants have won acceptance from the Turkish Ministry

Exergy stated that the three geothermal plants have secured acceptance from the Turkish Ministry, allowing GreenEco Enerji, RSC Enerji and Kiper Elektrik to benefit the full national FEED in Tariff.

The geothermal power project for RSC Enerji is located in the Seferihisar district. The plant uses Exergy’s two-pressure level cycle on a single turbine.

The third geothermal plant with 10MW of capacity was commissioned at the end of last month for the Kiper Elektrik a subsidiary company of the Kipaş.

Located in the Aydin region, the unit uses two-pressure cycle equipped with one Radial Outflow Turbine and employs a water-cooled condensing system.

In January, China’s Nanjing Tica Thermal Technology officially formalised the acquisition of Exergy from the Maccaferri Industrial Group following a successful auction bid.