For decades now the ability to monitor systems to avoid a catastrophic failure has led the engineers at OTEK Corporation to build solutions that modernise the infrastructure of the past. It is not uncommon for meters decades old to be abandoned by the original manufacturer leaving the displays and metering a “time bomb” waiting to fail. The idea is simple, to build solutions that are retrofitted to existing needs through form, fit and function, and yet do so with modern and reliable technology. The company has been dedicated for more than 48 years to eliminating the “Stuck Needle” syndrome with high-quality, fault-tolerant metering solutions.


“Simplicity is very difficult to achieve”. The capital expenditure for building nuclear power plants for example, and the regulatory oversight required to do any significant change challenges their owners to find an alternative solution. Having started in the energy market, OTEK understood that other market segments could benefit from its expertise in building plug-and-play solutions that meet their demands. The goal was to develop a “common denominator” for all existing (and new) mechanical and electrical meter’s dimensions and present mounting: The “All for One” adapter plates and “One for All” input/output signal/power/ control I/O module inside the HUB or stand alone I/O board that feeds any PNP or NTM display. 4-20mA C.L. signal and control outputs (as suggested by EPRI in MTA#3002020578) and presented by INL and OTEK at NITSL conference July 2023. The result is a meter/controller that replaces FF&F any analog or digital meter, powered by the signal that it measures, like analogs, but without “stuck” needles, HMI & MMI compatible without any changes except for the obsolete meter. By using a patented Powerless technology, OTEK can build solutions that to a more modern digital solution.

The bigger the Capital Expenditure, the more critical time becomes. When losses are calculated in dollars per second, it is impossible to wait weeks or even months for a solution. This has focused OTEK on the real-world needs of the industry.

The goal is to have a high reliability (Class1E & Mil Spec) meter/controller that would replace 100% FF&F any present meter without making any changes to present installation within One Outage or “Offshore” maintenance cycle. The prohibitive costs associated with the introduction of a meter requiring significant changes and alterations make the elegance of a retrofit solution from OTEK perfect. No recertification, no entry point for unauthorised third parties, and decades of future use.

The vast product offering of OTEK includes digital panel meters, controllers, batch counters, process loggers, and bar graph indicators. OTEK is focused on finding solutions in support of nuclear and fossil power plants, water and wastewater utilities, military contractors, aerospace, maritime, oil and gas, chemical, pulp, and paper, and the automotive industries. The idea is to work closely with the clients to determine the course of action that best meets their instrumentation and control needs and then supply a product that exceeds every prerequisite and requirement. Simply put, the OTEK goal is to replace the millions of analog and digital meters that are aging with high-quality replacements with no change to the underlying system.

Application Note

In the early 1980s, OTEK was commissioned by the United States Airforce to build the first MIL-SPEC Meter to replace a meter used extensively throughout several airframes. Notable was the C-135 Stratotanker, still flown today after many variants. This rich history of addressing advances in space, within the space shuttle, and advances in nuclear energy are supported by numerous patents and a knowledge that critical system monitoring can never be compromised. After decades the library of direct replacement SKUs for industry-standard meters is in the hundreds with the number of variants now well beyond comprehension.

Critical Mission Time Between Failures or CMTBF has been calculated to be more than 40 years. Combined with the plug-n-play, nothing to change installation, OTEK has reduced the need for high volumes of costly spares inventory. Typically a meter can be replaced within 3 to 5 minutes with no special expertise. Maintenance and calibration can also occur in less than 5 minutes. Through incorporating numerous open and MIL standards, OTEK has extensive application knowledge in support of the end use of their meters – from space to maritime, nuclear and everywhere in between.

By employing the latest in LED technologies, OTEK can offer a wide array of displays that tie into existing panels and yet offer advanced displays that can better convey informational thresholds or limits. This can be done through several digital displays that represent the data in varied ways. Displays can be selected to offer digital or analog gauges; they can be bar graphs with alarms or meters. Or you can request a drop-in replacement for many of the popular discontinued gauges.

Through decades of experience, the engineers at OTEK have continued to evolve their solutions and have recently released their NTM product line that includes advanced digital solutions. This third generation metering solution are designed to be a digital replacement for analog metering. OTEK employed its patented loop-power technology to allow for a 2-wire compatible analog meter replacement with no external power required. Having already addressed many end-of-Life concerns (EOL), the breadth and width of products in this class of products is impressive and will continue to evolve as client needs are translated into off- the-shelf solutions.

I&Cs in Life Support?

OTEK has been replacing obsolete analog meters directly (no changes to existing installation, wiring, signal, mounting, or operators in one outage) for > 40 years. Now INL wants to modernise its I&C and have three versions: old analog, unafordable flatscreen (heart transplant equiv.) and OTEK’s NTM (NEI08-09 compliant) and OTEK’s PNP (Plug-N-Play) (NEI08-09 exempt) (“pace maker” equiv.) as St. Lucie NPP and many other NPP around the world have done in one outage!


OTEK offers a unique LEASE TO BUY plan for NPP in need to digitize their I&C/simulator without going broke and all in “ONE” OUTAGE contact for details.