“This agreement proves the growing demand for electric fracturing and demonstrates the proven value associated with Evolution’s electric fracturing platform. We are pleased to see operators utilize our multi-patented, environmentally-friendly technology in their completions’ strategies. The improvements in this technology contribute to safety, neighboring communities, and to the bottom line are undeniable,” said Evolution’s Vice President of Technology and Marketing, Carrie Murtland.


Evolution’s multi-patented electric fracturing fleets are powered by a proprietary, built-for-purpose natural-gas-burning turbine generator package, which is designed and packaged by its affiliate, Dynamis Power Solutions.

“By employing our own custom turbine generator package, which was purpose-built to reduce mobilization time and increase power output, we have been able to expand our service offering to electrically power a multitude of in-field client needs, beyond just fracturing activities,” said Murtland.

By expanding the product and service portfolio to include in-field power generation, Evolution is positioned to serve clients by providing greater capital efficiencies, improved coordination and operational execution, and a more holistic technology offering.

By utilizing locally-produced natural gas as a fuel source instead of conventional diesel fuel, a total of 5.5 million gallons of diesel are being conserved by the fleets each year. Not only does this yield a cost savings of up to $1.5 million per month, per fleet, but it also exhibits an emissions profile that has hydrocarbon emissions levels 95 percent below Tier 4 Final Standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Source: Company Press Release