Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) plc, the UK , Ireland and Morocco focused energy company with production, development, and exploration assets , is pleased toannounce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Europa Oil & Gas Limited,as operator of the West Firsby oil field, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (‘MOU’) with Causeway Geothermal (NI) Ltd ( CausewayGT )   to assess the potential of the  West Firsby oil field  a s   a geothermal test and commercial deployment site.

The MOU is to utilise existing infrastructure and wells for testing of geothermal solutions at West Firsby with the objective of developing, evaluating and refining elements of CausewayGT’s clean, sustainable technology while also assessing the potential delivery of clean, reliable, and cheap sources of heat from West Frisby. The MOU is in line with Europas objective to participate actively in the national energy transition.

West Firsby is an excellent opportunity to evaluate, test and prove different technical aspects of CausewayGT’s geothermal systems. Located in the East Midlands, West Firsby is late in its productive life with nine wellbores with seven wellheads. The wellboresextend over an area of 2.5 km 2   and to a depth of 1,680 m.  The existing well bores, together with the availability of data collected over the last 34 years and the geothermal gradient make West Firsby one of the best candidates in the UK for testing geothermal solutions.

CausewayGT will apply its extensive geology and reservoir engineering experience to further develop its geothermal systems with West Firsby as an excellent test location.  The MOU is centred on implementing d esktop stud ies and test designs to assess the potential of West Firsby as a test site Over an expected 2-year period, the teams at CausewayGT and Europa will further analyse the West Firsby dataset, including rock properties, temperature data and well data. Part ofthisCausewayGT’s work will also assess West Firsby ‘s potential forcommercial deployment of geothermal at the site.  

Simon Oddie, CEO of Europa, said: Teaming up with CausewayGT to e valuat e   the conver sion of onshore legacy oilfields, such as West Firsby, into 100% clean, reliable , and cheap sources of elect ricity and heat by harnessing geothermal energy   demonstrates ourambition to   make a positive contribution to the ongoing energy transition.   Not only do we believe that the geology, dataset, and infrastructure at West Firsby make the field an ideal candidate for testing, but also that the expertise and skillset the Europa team have built up over decades of operating UK onshore fields are easily transferable to exploiting this clean source of energy.  Europa cantherefore play a key role in proving up the viability of generating clean energy and heatfrom legacy oil fields   and in the processadvancing the geothermal industry in the UK. 

We are committed to transforming Europa into a profitable energy company, one that takes its corporate ESG obligationsseriously.  With this in mind, I look forward to providing further updates on upcoming activity at West Firsby as well as progress made across our portfolio of projects in the UK, Ireland and Morocco.” 

Niall McCormack, CE of Causeway Geothermal (NI) Ltd said : “Working with Europa to undertake studies and potential field tests at West Firsby is a significant development for CausewayGT and geothermal energy in the UK.  West Firsby provides a significant opportunity to utilise the existing well stock and the site to calibrate the dynamic modelling of CausewayGT’s geothermal energy system, to test scenarios with a view to optimising deployment and also to testing viability of different deployment approaches. Geothermal energy is constant, clean and limitless and our work with Europa will further advance our plans to harness the power beneath us.”