The new downhole system was designed specifically for high-temperature, high-pressure operational environments up to 177°C/350°F and 10,000 psi.

The successful commercial test involved the acquisition of microseismic data using an 18-level HOTSHOT array deployed twice in two separate vertical monitoring wells at maximum depths averaging 12,000 ft, to monitor a 2 well refrac program in the Lower Eagle Ford shale; first for a duration of 5 days at maximum well temperatures of 302°F, and second for a duration of 7 days at maximum well temperatures of 297°F. A subsequent multi-array deployment in the lower Eagle Ford is scheduled to take place in August.

“Our FracMap Clarity service delivers a much higher resolution image of the productive areas of the fracture, however in order to achieve this you first must be able acquire the highest quality data,” says Shan Jhamandas, VP of Global Energy Services at ESG Solutions. “Our HOTSHOT array now gives operators the ability to acquire high quality downhole microseismic data in high temperature, high pressure plays such as the Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Bakken and parts of the DJ Basin as well unconventional formations in the Middle East and China.”

“We have had great success using industry standard equipment for downhole microseismic and VSP acquisition since 2011,” says Chris Taillefer, Director of Engineering and Operations at ESG Solutions. “During that time ESG has monitored over 10,000 stages and processed over 5.5 Million events in every major unconventional formation in North America. The fact that the new HOTSHOT system is entirely designed and manufactured in-house gives us a lot of flexibility moving forward. We expect to add additional data acquisition features to the platform in the very near future.”

HOTSHOT was designed to take full advantage of ESG’s Whip-array deployment configuration; a commercial test of these components in a high-temperature environment is currently planned for later in the year.

ESG Solutions is exhibiting this week at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) in Denver, Colorado and is using the event to highlight new developments in microseismic technology. To learn more, visit ESG at URTeC Exhibition booth #425.

Source: Company Press Release