ERG has commissioned the 21.6MW Linda wind farm, located in the German region of Saxony – Anhalt, bringing its installed capacity in the country to 238MW.


Image: ERG inaugurates 21MW wind farm in Germany. Photo: Courtesy of pasja1000/Pixabay

The wind farm, which in the auction held on 1 May 2018 was assigned a tariff of approximately 65 Euro/MW/h, including the correction factor, for a period of 20 years, has a capacity of 21.6 MW and estimated annual output when fully operational of 50 GWh, corresponding to around 39,000t per year of avoided CO2 emission.

With the coming into operation of Linda, ahead of schedule compared to the date envisaged in the Business Plan, ERG reaches 238 MW of installed wind power capacity in Germany and continues to pursue its organic growth path in one of the target European countries, in keeping with the Plan objectives.

Source: Company Press Release