ENGIE Impact will offer consulting and services for sustainability strategy development, execution and tracking to accelerate sustainability transformation for corporations, cities and governments around the world.

Citizens, customers, investors and civil society demand more action against climate change from companies and local governments. In February 2019, ENGIE adopted a strategy aiming to offer businesses and local government the ability to achieve their zero-carbon transition in a simple, integrated and financed manner.

As part of this effort, ENGIE Impact was created to engage with executives and organizational leaders to set tailored strategies and specific roadmaps to achieve their sustainability and zero-carbon objectives, across energy, water, waste and more, globally. With 18 offices worldwide and headquarters in New York City, ENGIE Impact today has a portfolio of 1,000 clients, including 25% of the Fortune 500 Companies, across more than 1,000,000 sites.

Over 500 companies have made public commitments to sustainability targets in accord with the Paris Agreement, with an increasing amount targeting a zero-carbon objective. More than 90 of the world’s largest cities have joined C40, a network of the world’s megacities committed to climate change, and New York City recently signed the world’s most ambitious carbon reduction goal in history.

But achieving near-term results has been difficult, while long-term business and environmental threats remain: only 15% of those committed companies are on track to achieving these targets and businesses report to have identified over $1 trillion in risk related to climate change. The complexity in identifying and acting on sustainability investments means that countless opportunities go unrealized every day.

In addition to more effectively assessing new technologies and business models via strategic engagements, ENGIE Impact will eliminate market barriers to driving sustainability at scale by orchestrating global implementation of the right solutions for clients. This includes the ability to aggregate all of ENGIE’s solutions and technologies to design for each client the proper way to improve its assets, upgrade its energy facilities and optimize energy usage.

This combination will help companies and local governments achieve their goals, deal with the complexity of the transition, lower economic risks and offer financial certainty.

“Society is making strides towards a zero-carbon future, but it’s not happening fast enough. Businesses and local governments can significantly accelerate their action against climate change,” said Olivier Biancarelli, Executive Vice President of ENGIE Group. “With ENGIE Impact, and its CEO Mathias Lelievre, we are proud to lead the sustainability transformation and zero-carbon transition with our clients, developing and applying greener profitable solutions, supported by world class expertise and technology.”

“Companies, cities and governments embarking on a path towards zero-carbon face many complex challenges, ENGIE Impact is able to deal with this complexity for them, from strategy to implementation, at the proper speed and scale,” said Isabelle Kocher, CEO of ENGIE Group. “As we eliminate barriers on the path to a zero-carbon world, ENGIE Impact will strengthen and accelerate ENGIE’s overall mission, creating value for our clients and all of the group activities.”

Source: Company Press Release