Enersize Oyj today announces that its subsidiary Enersize Advanced Research AB has signed a framework agreement with China-based Adenergy that regulates fundamental rights and obligations between the companies. With this, the conditions for closer cooperation are met and the companies intend to intensify the cooperation to reach customers according to Enersize’s scalable business model based on software licensing.

Enersize Oyj, the parent company of Enersize Advanced Research AB, announced this summer that a letter of intent had been drawn up (published July 5, 2019), and this autumn that the contract negotiations were accelerated (published on 6 September 2019). The result of these negotiations has now been realized as a framework agreement between Enersize Advanced Research AB and Adenergy, a subsidiary of Aden Group with 26,000 employees.

Negotiations intensified in September as Adenergy began preparing for pilot projects with Enersize and Enersize wanted basic protection in place before the Company further trained Aden’s staff. The framework agreement, which has now been signed, provides a basis for the companies to build on the cooperation by providing mutual protection of the companies’ intellectual property rights, competition clauses and the intention to protect Enersize, as well as a mutual non-solicitation.

Now the companies are working together to reach more customers and get orders for already quoted pilot projects. Price models are discussed and gradually adapted to the forms of cooperation that the companies find appropriate. The goal of the pilot projects is to find the right collaborative model for upscaling to Aden Group’s entire sales force. Aden has a team of about five people who are active in the collaboration on a daily basis and who work with customers in both China and Korea. The companies intend to conduct in-house training and external seminars in the near future to reach more customers.