Emrgy Inc., the tech innovator whose modular turbines harness the power of water as a clean, distributed energy resource, signed an agreement with GE Renewable Energy about Emrgy’s Micro Hydrokinetic technology. Through this partnership, Emrgy’s hydropower turbines will be provided by GE Renewable Energy. GE Renewable Energy will also begin to offer Emrgy’s product among their suite of hydropower solutions in select markets worldwide.

The partnership brings a new line of business for GE Renewable Energy to target distributed hydropower opportunities up to 1 MW. Emrgy’s distributed Micro Hydrokinetics solution will now be available for purchase in more locations. GE Renewable Energy’s supply chain and sales expertise will enable competitive pricing with a levelized cost of energy comparable to other renewable resources. Together the partners seek to develop the untapped hydrokinetic energy potential across the globe.

Emrgy Founder and CEO Emily Morris said, “This partnership combines cutting edge technology and innovation with world class procurement and sales capabilities. It aligns perfectly with our vision for widening the positioning of hydropower, and more broadly, supporting energy generation and delivery worldwide. We are thrilled to work with GE Renewable Energy to grow our market share and serve more customers across the world with clean, reliable electric power.”

Pascal Radue, CEO of GE’s Hydro Solutions said “Distributed energy resources will play an essential role in the implementation of more renewable energy in the years to come. We are excited to partner with Emrgy to offer this Micro Hydropower solution to customers and unleash untapped renewable resources.”

This new agreement highlights the rapidly growing market for distributed energy technologies and shows Emrgy and GE Renewable Energy’s commitment to making hydropower even more flexible, reliable, and cost-effective.

Source: Company Press Release